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Custom Furniture Design
If you’re looking for a furniture piece that will tie your home together and allow you to get the completed look you haven’t be able to achieve; our custom furniture design services will be perfect for you.
Vintage Furniture Sourcing
We all have a look in mind when we want to create our dream home but sometimes it can be difficult finding vintage furniture that will give us our desired look; that’s where our sourcing team comes in.
Hire Our Furniture
Whether the event is in or outdoors; if you’re having a wedding, a get together with friends or looking to throw a birthday party, we have some great event furniture that you can hire.
House Renovation
If you’re in desperate need of a full house renovation; perhaps you have a vision or you just know that something needs to change. Work closely with our team to get the dream interior you have always wanted.
A Little Bit About Us
We Brainstorm & Deliver

The interior design industry is very competitive, so much so it can be hard to trust small businesses such as ours because we don’t quite yet of a wide range of reputable clients we can point you in the direction of if you want to know a little bit more about us.

However, with our expert team of talented designers, who can produce high quality custom furniture which feature practical designs that you will be able to take advantage of for many years to come – our affordable prices make us a great option if you’re looking to stick within your budget whilst getting the home you have always dreamed of -in a quick and timley manner.

If you’re still not sure about working with us, check out some of our statistics below and find out just how many customers have come to us with their dream interior scenario and how many of them would use us again (or recommend us to one of their friends).

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How We Work
A Step by Step Process
Meet For A Coffee
We Sketch and Plan
Review and Adjust
We Get To Work
Project Hand Over
Let's Walk You Through It
What your project timeline could look like
Meet For A Coffee
Discuss what we can do for you

Formal meetings; suits and tie sort of meetups arent for us. There is to much pressure on coming up with something the day we meet, which could potentially affect our creativity and your own. This is why we opt for a more friendly meeting procedure; meeting for a coffee (or tea!)This way, we can work in a friendly environment whilst we get down to what it is we can do for you; without the pressure of deadlines looming over us – since at the end of the day, it’s just a couple of friends meeting for a coffee : )

A lot of notes will be taken at this point so do not feel the need to bring something specific along with you; this meeting is purely to get an idea of what we are working with; nothing final needs to be decided during this time. Think it as a team brainstorming session where we both go back and forth on what you want and what we could ultimately achieve with this project relevant to the time and budget you provide us with.

After this is over, we will go away as a team and come up with some ideas we think might work for you and your specifications – whatever that may be.

We Sketch and Plan
We come up with something we think you'll love

After our meet up, the team will go away and compile all of their notes and ideas. This is the part of the process where we come up with as many ideas as we can so that you have plenty of choice for your final design; at this point, we also may need your own input so that you can better guide us through this creative process.

Although, our expert team of designers should be more than equipt with the information and knowledge from the original meeting to be able to create some beautiful designs; depending on what you’re commissioning.

This process will usually take between 2-4 weeks depending on the service you require – this may seem a long time but it allows us to fully free up our creative minds so that we can create the thing you originally envisioned.

Review and Adjust
We go our idea with you

After our meeting and allowing us some time to create some ideas for you, this is part of the work process where we meet once again to go over the ideas we have come up with and make any adjustments you deem necessary.

Whether that’s a change in style (perhaps your heart is in a different place since we last met) or you’re looking to create something larger or smaller than you originally planned (or you just messed up your measurements the first time, which is a common one for some of our previous clients)

Whatever it is, and whatever worries you have about the project going forward, this is the stage where you should mention them. If you’re having any doubts about how something is going to look or function, you should bring it up with us at this point so we can work together to resolve any potential future issues.

We Get To Work
We make your dreams a reality

Now that we are in agreement with everything, this is the most exciting stage for both yourself and the team. at this point we finally get to work on the project we have been talking about for however many weeks the process has been going on for.This is by far our favourite part because at this point we have the ability to create your dream piece of furniture or even your home.

To speak again on a previous point about the 3rd step; we can not make any changes at this point if you change your mind so we encourage you to ensure that you bring any potential issues or doubts up before we get to this stage so everything can run as smoothly as possible.

Project Hand Over
Once you're satisfied with the final product

The final stage in our work process is handover. At this point, we want to double-check with you that everything you asked for has been delivered and that you are more than happy with what we have achieved together on your project.

No matter the service you choose, we are more than happy to make adjustments if things aren’t right – perhaps because we messed up the sizings or because the material used didn’t look as good as we first initially planned.

Now whatever it is we created together is yours, and you can now go ahead and enjoy your brand new furniture piece or your brand new home for many years to come.

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